E-Waste and Its Impact on Our Planet

Have you ever considered what happens to your television, cordless phone, or MP3 player after it breaks or wears out? Consumer electronics generates about 3 million tons of commodities and e-waste, or e-waste, every year. Where does e-waste go after being disposed of, and how do the by-products affect the environment and your health?

Due to difficulties found in the cost of recycling electronics and poor enforcement of laws relating to the export of e-waste, large quantities of used electronic components are shipped to China, Kenya and India. Although very dangerous, e-waste treatment is more profitable because of the low environmental standards and working conditions in these countries. It is important to consider e-waste disposal. There are facilities available that specialize in handling hazardous materials properly plastic waste management companies in India.

electronic waste management

electronic waste management

Electronic waste can be a great source of additional raw materials if electronic waste is handled properly and properly e waste management companies in India. However, if mishandled, they can produce excess toxins and carcinogens. All over the world many problems arise due to fast-paced technological change, planned obsolescence, and low start-up costs. Environmental and health problems are caused by demolition without safety measures, uncontrolled burning, and indiscriminate disposal.

The remaining waste from consumer electronics consists of lead, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), mercury, and cadmium. In addition to being highly toxic, PCBs have been blamed for causing cancer in many studies. If not disposed of properly, they can contaminate soil and water, and sooner or later enter the food chain. Toxic fumes are generated when waste materials are burned, which not only depletes ozone levels, but also poses a health hazard when people inhale the fumes. The central nervous system is affected by mercury, lead, and cadmium, which can cause cell damage and lead to kidney failure.

Don’t forget this if later you are tempted to throw away old batteries or electronic gadgets that you no longer want or need. Our environment can be saved by proper waste disposal through e waste company in Noida. Consideration of the use, reuse, and disposal of consumer electronics is very important because of the potential environmental and health problems that improper disposal can cause.